Suntour Suspension Forks

SR Suntour is one of the largest manufacturers of bike forks. Suntour suspension forks are often not the most expensive compared to other brands such as RockShox although are still of a reasonable quality. Some of the most popular Suntour suspension forks include the XCT V2 and Axon.

Used Schwinn Sidewinder 16 Red Mountain Bike Frame w Suntour Suspension Fork

US $49.99

Although the company has been in existence since 1987 it wasn’t until the middle of the 1990s that they started to produce front suspension forks for mountain bikes. It was a short time after that the first Suntour suspension forks specifically made for Trek bikes were built. Since then the company has  gone on to build a number of different series of suspension forks aimed at different parts of the biking market.

Suntour Axon

Suntour Axon suspension forks can cost anywhere up to $800 depending on the model and quality of the forks. There are a range of different forks included within the Axon range such as the SF9-AXON werx ELD 15 QLC and SF9-AXON RLD 15QLC. All models in the AXON range use a Hydraulic/Air system and have a travel of 80/100mm. The forks can also be bought in white, silver or matt black.

Suntour XCT V2

The Suntour XCT V2 series is one of the more popular produced by the company. For example, the SF10-XCT V2 MLO 100 comes with a travel of 100mm, a coil spring with mechanical lockout combination and a leading axle design. The Suntour suspension forks found in the XCT V2 range can usually be bought in either white with decals or matt black for the legs depending on the rider’s preference. All of the models in this series use a leading axle design.

Suntour XCR

The forks included within the XCR series all come with a coil/hydraulic system aside from the SF9-XCR 24' which comes with a coil spring system. There is some variation in the travel of the models which allows for choice for buyers. For example, the SF10-XCR RL 15QLC comes with either 80, 100 or 120mm travel. Most of the models in this collection can only be bought with a black finish although the leg color can be silver, white or matt black.

Other Suntour Suspension Forks

Some of the other Suntour suspension forks available at the moment include the Epicon, Durolux, Raidon and XCM V2. Which one is right for you and your bike depends on the type of riding you’ll be doing as well as your budget.

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